נווד דיגיטלי בברזיל

נווד דיגיטלי בברזיל

נווד דיגיטלי בברזיל

נווד דיגיטלי בברזיל – מידע למטייל

במאמר הבא סיכמתי עבורכם חוויה אישית שלי של שלושה חודשים כנווד דיגיטלי בברזיל, אם אי פעם התעניינתם להגיע לברזיל וגם אם לא אז המידע הבא הזה יכול להיות מעניין עבורכם :)

Yossef is truly an amazing developer. Trust me, I’ve had plenty who ruined my website. However, he goes above and beyond for any request you might have. He is truly the best developer out there. There is no task that he cannot do. Not only does he resolve any problem but he does it in less than five minutes. He is patient, understanding and very much quick witted. He’s also of a very good advices and will not hesitate to help you better your website. We are so happy that we contacted him, and we’ll continue to work with him. I 100% recommend him.

Yosef built us a professional, thorough and beautiful website, explained everything pleasantly and in detail, was available for any questions and left us many tools for maintaining the website in the future. warmly recommended!!

Yossi created our webpage after we had to change two companies. No one was able to create our webpage and everyone gave up. Yossi was from the first minute very enthusiastic, understanding and super professional. He created our webpage in only one month. He is always reachable, attentive, creative and very patient. He never gives up until he finds the solution. We can only highly recommend him.

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